Service:  Gold Rating Package
Package: Management Package for 1 year - Now $750


  1. Team Building We have a professional  networking team that will take your career serioulsy and guide you through all decisions as we grow and develope you a team.  
  2. Business Consulating Success requires inovation, planning and execution which will require a team of professionals that are dedicated to getting the job done. We love what we do and it brings us excitment to see our clients succeed. 
  3. Social Media Promotion and GrowthYou dont have to chasing bloggers, producers, and influencers because we already work with these indivduals all thoufhtout the country. 

  4. Album Production and Sales No need to guess on how to spend your money to increase revenue on your latest album. We have multiple pre-written marketing plans that will work for your music genre. Take advantage of our major lable connections today.
  5.  Image  We specialize in artist development. You can leave all the dirty work to our team of experts that understand the business. Will will book all your photoshoots and videoshoots. 
  6. Marketing and Promotion We will develope a marketing stategy that take your career to the top. 
  7. Booking Shows  Ensure performing accounts are setup correctly. Create performing calendar to ensure growth of your career. Ensure correct city and state of artist choice matches venue.Create budget plan for each artist for tours and concerts.
  8. Business Plan Development Having this spreadsheet will allow me to create a detailed report which will be produced on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis that accounts for all the profit/expenses a business incurs. This report will be broken down to small subsets of the business to determine how much money each area is costing the company. Expense reports will be maintained for accuracy to ensure that the company is not spending unaccounted for money. Expense reports are also supplied to the Internal Revenue Service each year for tax purposes.The report shows the total Income and your total Expenses in a specific period. It’s a useful Report as it shows you your net profit (or loss) based on your Income & Expenses, and that can be used to come up with some cost-cutting strategies.



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