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Wyse Pase Christmas

Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Jingle all the way!!! Oh what fun!!! Enjoy this awesome Christmas mix featuring your all time favorites

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Wyse Pase Gospel

A variety of popular gospel. Enjoy different songs of worship.

Wyse Pase Hip Hop

Time to get down with some Hip Hop! Great playlist to chill and catch a vibe.

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Wyse Pase Kids Party

A special playlist for the kiddos! Enjoy this cool mix kids!

Wyse Pase Musical Mix

Musicals from Movies, TV shows, Anime and many many more.

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Wyse Pase New Instrumentals

Great Playlist of nothing but the best instrumentals nationwide

Wyse Pase Old School

Booooom Pop! Boom Pop! Checkout the old hits!

Wyse Pase R&B

Get the most out of today and look back. This playlist will have you smiling

Wyse Pase Raps That Slaps

Hardcore rap music, gangster rap all the time.

Wyse Pase Rock Mix

All rock music featured on this playlists. Nonstop run and roll!

Wyse Pase Sexy Mood R&B

Relax, get comfy and enjoy this sexy smooth playlist


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