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After a huge wave of success from “Victoria’s Secret”, the rapper knew he had to make a huge splash.


JO Hardworker

As his music inhabits the stage, he lives out the lyrics right in front of your eyes, making the experience 3-dimensional in a powerful way. This adrenaline boost has landed him gigs amongst Ne-Yo, J.Holiday, and Doughboyz Cashout.



Sound Kodz wants to bring the fun, poetry, lyricism and sustenance back to Hip-hop, returning it back to its core values.

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Kamron Bahani

He lights up the stage, he performs miracles at house parties and he’s becoming a rap legend! 


The Artist Pase

Pase, has always had her own ongoing story in her mind, one that she wishes to share with everyone through art. Growing up with a love for comics and games, this has been a major inspiration throughout her artwork.