Wyse Management offers artist management services in all music genres. Our reputation as a management company is impeccable with years of experience in dealing with the music industry. It doesn’t matter if it is booking a local club, servicing a national tour, or a global music promotion; we cover it all with expertise. We coordinate all efforts on behalf of our artists working with record labels, booking agents, press, radio, tour advancing, and overall logistics.

Wadley Saint-Juste
Founder and Principal
Eddy Richman
Music Marketing

Wadley Saint Juste is an American DJ, Artist manager, booking agent, Promoter and music business consultant.

he manages up and coming artists in the United States, also a business entrepreneur and has the ability to publish music. He has made many artists successful in the music industry while working as an executive for WMR Media, the leading PR company of this century. 

Porscha Saint-Juste
Project Manager

Project management responsibilities include delivering every project on time within budget and scope.

She reviews press releases and sponsors corporate events to help maintain and improve the image of our organization and clients.

Eddy Richman is a professional music marketer and has built the most successful Music PR Agency of this century - WMR Music Group and WMR Media.

They have generated over 1 billion streams for their artists only during 2018.

He has placed multiple artists in the highest point in their career thanks to his amazing marketing skills.

Becky Gee
Branding Manager

Becky is responsible for creating and designing promotional activities and our product. She is also in charge advertising, creating promotions, and generating marketing campaigns.

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