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Its all about who you know. We offer strategic plans to build your contact lists. It doesn't matter if you are up and coming artist or a very well established artist with million streams, these contacts can still help you grow your team.



Here at Wyse Pase outreach and discovery is what sets us apart, including Music Playlists, Branding and Social Media Management.

We make the process easy so you don't have to lift a finger. Start earning money now on your music by taking advantage of our different platforms.


Get deals and more!

We have landed deals with Sony, Universal and Warner Music Group for our clients.

We have placed artists on Worldstar Hip Hop & BET and many other established platforms for artists.


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Wyse Artist offers artist services in all music genres. Our reputation as an artist  service company is impeccable with years of experience in dealing with the music industry. It doesn’t matter if it is booking a local club, servicing a national tour, or a global music promotion; we cover it all with expertise. We coordinate all efforts on behalf of our artists working with record labels, booking agents, press, radio, tour advancing, and overall logistics.

We aim to look after producers and songwriters, making licensing and publishing decisions and implementation simple, satisfying. and ultimately financially rewarding. Wyse Artist works closely with everyone – from the major worldwide record companies (Sony, Warner, Universal) to the leading indie labels and artists in many territories.


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