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Here at Wyse Management we cover different aspects of artists day to day life, including Artist Management, Branding and Financial Management.

We will handle the day to day operations on your behalf. You should already have a plan of action, business proposal or vision for the project to give to Wyse Artist Management.



We have worked on different projects to help artists achieve their dream and fulfill their needs.

We have successfully utilized different marketing strategies to make it work!

It doesn't matter if you are up and coming artist or a very well established artist with million streams, we will find a way to help you grow in your career


We have landed deals with Sony, Universal and Warner Music Group for our clients.

We have placed artists on Worldstar Hip Hop & BET and many other established platforms for artists.

Our clients has reached over 10,000,000 streams while working together with us!


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Wyse Management offers artist management services in all music genres. Our reputation as a management company is impeccable with years of experience in dealing with the music industry. It doesn’t matter if it is booking a local club, servicing a national tour, or a global music promotion; we cover it all with expertise. We coordinate all efforts on behalf of our artists working with record labels, booking agents, press, radio, tour advancing, and overall logistics.

We aim to look after producers and songwriters, making licensing and publishing decisions and implementation simple, satisfying. and ultimately financially rewarding. Wyse Management works closely with everyone – from the major worldwide record companies (Sony, Warner, Universal) to the leading indie labels and artists in many territories.


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